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Save 20% or more on your fuel bills. Take total control of your fleet with our fuel and fleet management solutions. Monitor the usage and expenditure of fuel, driver behaviour and scheduled maintenance with our help.

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“Our operations in Africa are large to say the least. Globaltrack has helped us to stay on top of our independent contractors, having full visibility of our operations at all times, even offering us a personalised dashboard for our operations”


"After only being with Globaltrack for the past year, we have yet to find another tracking company that offers the same level of service. They were able to integrate our existing tracking systems with their web-based management software with ease"

Manline Group

"We have to navigate war torn areas and unmapped roads. This is why we opted for the Globaltrack's mobile network unit, GSM950… It keeps the costs down, and we didn’t need tracking across the border, so we were able to save thousands for our operation."

World Vision Ghana

"We absolutely love the level of personalised service that Globaltrack offers us over the past 4 years. Our relationship with their growth department has helped us to integrate their systems, and their advice has helped us to save thousands."


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Interested in our products and services?

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