Who is Globaltrack?


A message from our CEO

The Globaltrack dream started with an engineer wanting people to share his passion for analysis and using data to empower themselves. This determined entrepreneur set out with a dream and feverishly pursued his passion. Globaltrack was born!


Armed with groundbreaking technology and a drive bordering on obsession, the company set out to change the world. Fast forward nearly twenty years and nothing has changed. The obsession with cutting edge ideas is alive and well.


This company ethos reverberates throughout the halls in Globaltrack with the mission of empowerment through data-driven decision leading to the betterment of people, their business’ and securing a better and brighter future fueling us daily.


Our vision of becoming the number one choice for consumers of telematic orientated data is solidified in the company’s core value system. This simple approach of measuring everything against the five core values has ensured a strong culture of innovation in the organization.

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