Strauss logistics upgrades to state-of-the-art duo true satellite tracking


The investment offers their clients and internal operations distinct advantages

Strauss Logistics, a leading transport and logistics company based in Zimbabwe recently upgraded their existing tracking devices to the

Globaltrack Duo, our cross border, true satellite tracking solution.

Strauss Logistics has become a familiar and trustworthy name when it comes to the transporting of bulk fuel, gas, and general cargo across Southern Africa. They pride themselves on having created a logistics system that maintains continuous, efficient goods delivery.

With the recent upgrading of hardware to the next generation Globaltrack Duo, Strauss Logistics can pinpoint the exact location of vehicles, cargo and staff, and monitor position changes live and around the clock.

The Globaltrack Duo comes with trip reports,geofences, driver scorecards, event alerts, remote driver monitoring and access to Globaltrack’s award-winning Webtrack online and mobile app.

The investment made by Strauss Logistics offers their clients and their inhouse operations distinct advantages over competitors.

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Advantages of the DUO Satellite Tracking Solution for Strauss Logistics:

- Status of delivery intelligence for improved customer service
- Better management oversight
- Driving audited for adherence to road rules,and for efficiency to reduce carbon footprint
- Close monitoring of vehicle running costs to keep pricing stable
- On-board interactive driver training
- Protected vehicles, drivers, and cargo
- Route management
- Second-by-second accident analysis
- Compliance with Zimbabwe transport legislation


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