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The Pillars of Fleet Management

Asset Tracking

We have developed a range of smart tracking devices that will ensure that you have 24/7 visibility on your vehicles, drivers & cargo. Our Solutions are based on industry needs and caters for local and cross border transport & logistics operators with a variety of types of vehicles. No fleet is too big or too small.

Fuel Management

Arguably the most expensive input cost for any transport or logistics operator, your fuel bill can be as much as 40% of your operating costs. Track consumption, Bulk fuel bowser levels, wasteful driver behavior & receive immediate alerts of fuel theft. 

Vehicle Maintenance

Automate your preventative maintenance schedules and receive alerts of upcoming services required on your assets. Include vehicle license and driver PDP renewal schedules for complete peace of mind that your fleet will stay operational.

Customer Service

Improve your customer service by keeping stakeholders informed, even while cargo is in transit or when a vehicle is waiting to be loaded or offloaded. Anticipate customer needs with automated reporting on the fulfillment of their orders.

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Driver Monitoring

Drivers are the backbone of your fleet. Identifying who drives which vehicle in your fleet is only the start of monitoring driver behavior.

Fleet Optimization

Not only does Webtrack help you locate your assets, it also will help in identifying assets which are sitting idle. Monitor and compare specific routes and trips or drivers and vehicles to optimize the use of your fleet.


Paper-based administration eats up hours that could have been spent redirecting, planning, scheduling or for training purposes. Webtrack offers automated, accurate reports that replaces menial, repetitive admin tasks.

Business Intelligence

Telematic smart devices keeps your finger on the pulse of your bottom line. With automated reporting on key KPI’s, Webtrack places data on which you can base your business decisions at your fingertips in reader friendly bar charts and reports.