Fuel accounts for about 40-50% of a fleet’s total operating costs, and rising fuel bills have become a nightmare for a lot of transporting companies. Many fleet operators are unaware of the fact that fuel theft may also be contributing to the rise in fuel bills, as with the case of Lugoba Stones & Construction.
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The 2017 Annual Fleet Forum Conference will be hosted by United Nations Global Services Centre (UNGSC) and will take place from Wednesday, 14 June – Thursday, 15 June in Brindisi, Italy. According to Fleet Forum, more organisations and donors are acknowledging that fleet management directly contributes to an organisation’s operational effectiveness and profitability. The forum
Telematics play a crucial role in keeping your assets safe and your “wheels” rolling. Telematics are an essential element to include in your overall risk management strategy and to reduce the cost of your fleet insurance because it helps insurers price risk better. Telematics can offer you real-time insights into managing and monitoring the risk
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The causes of driver fatigue can range from a loss of sleep to long work hours, illness, family/social commitments or long commuting times. It is pertinent that your drivers are in the right state of mind to drive and that you offer them the right platform to inform you of driver fatigue. According to research
The 2017 Driver Recognition Programme took place in Nairobi, Kenya where over six hundred drivers from thirteen humanitarian organisations have signed up to participate.  Twelve teams made it to the qualifying round; “Driving Champions Final” that took place on Friday, 19 May – Saturday, 20 May at the Lukenya Getaway in Kenya. What is the
  Fuel accounts for about 40-50% of a fleet’s total operating costs and fuel bills have become a nightmare for a lot of fleet operators. Many fleet operators are unaware of the fact that fuel theft or fuel contamination may also be contributing to the rise in fuel bills. This was the case with Kobus
Maximise your vehicle uptime as the cost of labour and mechanical parts are increasing. According to Riante Naidoo, a journalist of the Times Media Group; there are six steps required to maximise on the longevity of each vehicle. The steps are as follows: 1. Set up a preventive program According to a study done in
The World Economic Forum was established in 1971 as a non-profit organisation; with headquarters in Switzerland, Geneva.  The aim of this organisation is to constantly improve the state of the world by bringing people together who have drive and influence to make positive changes. The <a href=”″>World Economic Forum</a> is currently underway in Durban to
South Africa’s transport and logistics sector is the most developed in the Sub-Saharan Africa, this is according to an article published by PWC. According to Klaus-Dieter Ruske (PwC Transportation & Logistics Global Leader), as Africa increases in investment opportunities so is the importance for transportation and logistics.   Africa’s future growth and development is dependent on
According to Fleet Forum an estimated 1.3 million deaths happen annually on the road.  Fleet Forum’s mission is to address the issue of road safety and security in particular the transport of NGOs.  The risk attached to the life of a NGO driver such as highjack hotspots and hazardous roads add additional stress to the
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According to a recent article on Fleetwatch written by Murray Price (managing director of Eqstra Fleet Management and Logistics); junk status will put added pressure to the fleet operators to contain costs even more. Prices of new vehicles, fuel prices, vehicle parts and insurance will increase due to our recent downgrade.  Fleet operators can
UPDATE (14:53) Bedfordview – N12: Westbound (slow moving traffic towards Gilloolys interchange) UPDATE (13:40) Belville – Durban Road on the N1 High Way bridge Valhalla – Robert Sobukwe road is closed between Valhalla drive and the N2 Highway Century City – N1: Inbound at N1 Highway Somerset West – N2: Westbound near Victoria Street UPDATE (11:18)
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Fleet Forum is continuously looking for ways for our humanitarian members to benefit from new fleet management solutions and tools. To that end, in cooperation with our member Globaltrack, Fleet Forum would like to invite six organisations to join the Motorbike Tracking Solution Trial Programme. “We recognise the value of tracking vehicles and motorbikes and encourages
ARE YOU READY FOR THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN FUEL MONITORING FOR THE 21ST CENTURY? Is fuel monitoring your worst nightmare? You are not alone, most transporters struggle with the following points: I don’t know the actual amount of fuel lost through theft. Determining actual consumption per trip is not always easy to calculate. Huge variance
Commercial road users will have to look at new ways to cut costs due to a hefty fuel price hike at the start of 2017. At a time when fuel prices are skyrocketing and there is a persistent shortage of fuel across the world, it becomes imperative that everyone do their bit in reducing the

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