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This year, we celebrate our 16th year of excellence. What started as an idea has morphed into a brand with unlimited possibilities. Rapid development and reinvention has now become a continuous circle for us, and this is not about to stop. Re-invention is often labelled as risky, but this has proved to be the very
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Competing with large fleet companies can be overwhelming. Obtaining market share from larger fleet companies can be difficult when they receive supplier discount, use aggressive pricing and leverage their fleet to deliver goods faster. There are many ways in which you grow your transportation business, below are four ways. Focus on providing the best possible
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The Republic of Malawi is a landlocked country in South-East Africa, bordered by Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. Malawi is divided into three regions; South, Central and North Malawi. The economy of Malawi is heavily dependent on agriculture, which accounts for about 1/3 of the GDP and contributing to 90% of export revenues. Malawi’s trade policy
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When you are faced with fuel contamination and fuel theft in your company, you need an expert to take care of it in a timeous and efficient manner. That is why Globaltrack was Transtech Logistic’s first line of contact. Transtech Logistics, located in Kempton Park, Gauteng provides reliable transport and logistic solutions to businesses across
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Following from last week’s article, it is no doubt that the future of fleet telematics is looking bright! Businesses small and large are beginning to realise that mobile operations can be managed with a Six-Sigma quality approach and a level of virtual connectivity previously reserved for on-site resource management. Mobile resource intelligence will radically transform the
Is your fleet management provider saving you time and money, and can it continue to do so well into the fourth industrial revolution? According to Tom Sloan, director of telematics and safety products for Donlen, mapping and driving behaviour is becoming a common product offering among telematics service providers. The focus is therefore, shifted to
Although the journey initially when Hlomphanang Logistics became Globaltrack’s client in April 2017 came with a few glitches, it soon turned into a win-win situation. Hlomphanang Logistics, located in Brakpan, Gauteng is a cross border transporter for various shipments and has a fleet size of 46 trucks. A sales person from Globaltrack met with Mr.
An article written by Irma Venter from Creamer Media, highlights the concerns of law enforcement on vehicle overloading. In 2014, 20% of about 2-million vehicles that were weighed at the South African weighbridges, exceeded the weight limit. According to Dr Paul Nordengen from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), only 2.6% of the 20% were
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The 2017 Annual Fleet Forum Conference, hosted by the United Nations Global Services Centre (UNGSC) took place in Brindisi, Italy on the 14th and 15th of June. The theme for this year’s conference; “Fleet Management Drivers Organisational Success”, is about keeping fleet management as the focus within organisations, particularly as humanitarian challenges around the world increase. The
Fuel accounts for about 40-50% of a fleet’s total operating costs, and rising fuel bills have become a nightmare for a lot of transporting companies. Many fleet operators are unaware of the fact that fuel theft may also be contributing to the rise in fuel bills, as with the case of Lugoba Stones & Construction.
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The 2017 Annual Fleet Forum Conference will be hosted by United Nations Global Services Centre (UNGSC) and will take place from Wednesday, 14 June – Thursday, 15 June in Brindisi, Italy. According to Fleet Forum, more organisations and donors are acknowledging that fleet management directly contributes to an organisation’s operational effectiveness and profitability. The forum
Telematics play a crucial role in keeping your assets safe and your “wheels” rolling. Telematics are an essential element to include in your overall risk management strategy and to reduce the cost of your fleet insurance because it helps insurers price risk better. Telematics can offer you real-time insights into managing and monitoring the risk
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The causes of driver fatigue can range from a loss of sleep to long work hours, illness, family/social commitments or long commuting times. It is pertinent that your drivers are in the right state of mind to drive and that you offer them the right platform to inform you of driver fatigue. According to research
The 2017 Driver Recognition Programme took place in Nairobi, Kenya where over six hundred drivers from thirteen humanitarian organisations have signed up to participate.  Twelve teams made it to the qualifying round; “Driving Champions Final” that took place on Friday, 19 May – Saturday, 20 May at the Lukenya Getaway in Kenya. What is the
  Fuel accounts for about 40-50% of a fleet’s total operating costs and fuel bills have become a nightmare for a lot of fleet operators. Many fleet operators are unaware of the fact that fuel theft or fuel contamination may also be contributing to the rise in fuel bills. This was the case with Kobus
Maximise your vehicle uptime as the cost of labour and mechanical parts are increasing. According to Riante Naidoo, a journalist of the Times Media Group; there are six steps required to maximise on the longevity of each vehicle. The steps are as follows: 1. Set up a preventive program According to a study done in

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