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There are a lot of traits that fleet managers can adopt to successfully manage their fleet. This article will focus on 10 management traits as identified by Mike Antich, author of  the Automotive Fleet Magazine. Goal-Oriented Fleet Management These fleet managers are goal-oriented in every area of their fleet. They set goals, such as ensuring
Picture of Globaltrack Staff posing for a photo taken, with Pieter Smits (CEO) holding the TT100 Award
We are excited and proud to announce that we have won an award for Excellence in Technology at the TT100 Business Innovation Awards‘ on Wednesday evening, the 15th of November. For Globaltrack, rapid development and reinvention has become a continuous circle for us, and this is not about to stop. Reinvention is often labelled as
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Today is World Diabetes Day and 50% of truck drivers have a high risk of being diabetic. Mpolokeng Mudau from Globaltrack, featured in this article is an activist for diabetes. She advises that truck drivers drink more water, try eat as healthy as possible, and exercise as much as they can to avoid health issues
Photo of CEO Pieter Smits from Globaltrack
Smart Automotive Magazine featured an article on Globaltrack’s CEO, Pieter Smits’ view point of connected vehicles in Africa and the increased demand of fleet telematics to ensure safety of assets and drivers. Very interesting read on page 16 and 17 of the Smart Automotive Magazine. It is great to have Globaltrack appearing in India too😊
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There are many reasons why fuel tanks may become dented. Here are a couple of examples: Drivers or loaders standing or jumping on the fuel tank whilst pulling down on the straps that secures the load Forklifts or yellow equipment machinery that bump against the fuel tank during the loading process When side tipper trailers
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High fuel bills were on Mr. Vernon Pillay, Director of Merrod Trucking’s radar for the past five years. This is until Mr. Kelman Reddy, owner of PKR Transport told Mr. Pillay of his recent success of saving money on fuel since installing Globaltrack’s Cross-Border and Fuel Management Solution. Michael Meijer Globaltrack’s Growth Consultant met with
Picture of trucks driving on the highway. The picture is taken out of a truck with the focus on the review mirror.
The fuel efficiency of vehicles are mostly depended on the driving behaviour of drivers.  To implement fuel-efficient driving techniques, a system is required whereby drivers are rewarded for practising good driving. Our driver performance reports are designed to assist clients in reaching their drivers’ KPI’s. The driver performance report is designed to score drivers on
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Over 70% of the cross-border market operating in the SADC region, chose to partner with Globaltrack to handle their fleet management needs. Have you asked the question, why are your fleet management operations not handled by Globaltrack? Contact us today to find out why so many transporting companies signed up with Globaltrack.
Truckers blocked Beitbridge Border Post on Saturday the 14th of October because of ZIMRA’s service delivery. Please monitor this border post as it can become congested again. Source Truckers block Beitbridge border post    
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Picture of laptop, with a person's working on Webtrack
At Globaltrack, we pride ourselves in offering our customers’ responsive, competent and excellent service. Our customers are the most important part of our business; we work diligently to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the service offered. Once our clients sign up with Globaltrack, our Growth Department provides comprehensive training on how to effectively use
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If you are a high-performing individual, quick to adapt to change and take initiative, then Globaltrack could be for you. Globaltrack staff are working hard to continuously make a difference in the transport industry. We consistently come up with innovative solutions to solve fleet management problems. Our innovative approach is to make use of technology
85% of clients use our Cross-Border and Fuel Management Solution, for the following reasons: High fuel bills and fuel theft are becoming a thing of the past for our clients We offer satellite tracking instead of cross-border roaming, making our solution more cost effective. Because we use satellite tracking we always have “eyes” on our
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Founded in 2001, Globaltrack is the leading service provider of Cross-Border vehicle tracking solutions’ within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. What makes our product and service offering unique is that we believe in providing African Solutions for African challenges. One of the current challenges that transporters are faced with are the waiting times
Image of a white truck from PKR Transport's that is stationary
We recently interviewed Mr. Kelman Reddy owner of PKR Transport regarding the successful management of his fleet. PKR Transport’s journey with Globaltrack started two months ago. PKR Transport came as a referral from RMD Transport as Mr. Reddy was looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption on his vehicles. After a phone call from Mr.
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At Globaltrack we design our products with three questions in mind: how can we make our customers’ lives better, profitable and easier. Our fleet management solutions are designed to do exactly that. Once our products have been fitted onto your vehicles, the devices are immediately connected to Webtrack. Our Growth Consultancy team are there to help guide
Listen to what Megan from Transhunt has to say about Globaltrack’s Fleet Management System: Webtrack.
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