Picture of Globaltrackers standing in front of the entrance of the Tyrexpo Africa 2018

Tyrexpo Africa 2018

On Tuesday the 10th of April some Globaltrackers attended the Tyrexpo at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg.   The expo was filled with some of the latest innovations around tyres. Next week we will share an article with you on what we have learned from the tyre expo. 
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Picture of a man holding a tablet inputting information where he is standing in front of a row of white trucks.
When it comes to successful fleet management you need the right information that will get you to the desired output of your fleet operations. Not only does the right information help you make informed decisions, but it also saves you time that can be spent on enhancing your customer delivery process. At Globaltrack we can
Diagram of Globaltrack's Fuel Probe
Our focus is on lowering the cost of transport throughout Africa by supplying a solution that allow our customers to save more than 20% in fuel per month. Globaltrack’s Fuel Solution consists of a fuel probe that is installed directly into the tank of your truck designed to give 98% accuracy, leaving 2% for the
Picture of stationary fleet of trucks
What are some of the success factors to running a successful haulage company? You need to be a great trucker and business owner. It requires detailed planning, close management of your operations and good financial skills. Our Growth Consultants are experts in customising our FinTech Solutions to each clients’ business operation. Invest time and money
Picture of Fleet Manager standing in front of a truck
Although a substantial portion of a fleets spend comes from fuel, there are ways that you can decrease your cost considerably. To actively reduce the cost of fuel you need to know exactly how much fuel each vehicle uses and effectively monitor the driving behavior. That is where we come in. Our Fleet Management Solution
Picture of Amanda Rossouw receiving two movie tickets from Nerosha Ahmed
At Globaltrack we are committed to building an amazing work environment. Weekly employees are asked different questions about the culture, how we can improve the work environment and sending cheers to peers. Peers that give or receive the most cheers are rewarded. Congratulations to Amanda Rossouw-Basilio​ for giving the most cheers to peers for the
Image of SA rand coins and notes
Even though the fuel levy is increasing by 52 cents per litre, we can save you thousands of rands on fuel per month. With the VAT increasing by 1% you are still able to offer your clients competitively priced transport. The 10 – 20% you can save from using our Fuel Management Solution means that
Image of cargo trucks standing in a queue on the highway
One of the pressing issues in cross-border transport are delays and congestion at border posts. Avoid spending time at cross-border posts, by understanding the reasons for delays and looking at ways to avoid it. Factors that add to the waiting times are: The Control Center’s capacity to handle traffic at border posts Peak times for
Owner of ARF Logistics and Gobaltrack employee standing in front of one of ARF Logistics trucks
When Cross-Border specialist, ARF Logistics looked for a fleet management solution, they wanted a system to help them make informed decisions about their KPI’s.   With Globaltrack’s Cross-Border and Fuel Management Solution they have a holistic overview of fuel consumption, driver behaviour and real-time operational events. Having Globaltrack’s Fuel Management Solution, means that they have access
Image of the fuel dashboard
Fuel Management Overview   At Globaltrack we focus on adding value to our clients’ fleet management experience. Our award-winning fuel solution is the best at providing details related to fuel management. With our Fuel Management Solution, we offer clients an integrated solution to managing fuel.  We recently added the fuel reconciliation and fuel dashboard feature to existing
Red truck heading into the sunlight on the highway
One of the biggest expenses in the transport industry is fuel, and monitoring the consumption of fuel can be both time consuming and stressful.  Globaltrack’s Fuel Solution has proven to save clients time, money and effort in reaching their KPI’s. Our innovative approach to making use of technology in our products ensures that we are
Picture of a man checking the tyre of a big black truck standing in a garage
Truck tyre theft can lead to a big loss for transporters and chances are little that tyres can be recovered. Once it reaches the black market it can be sold within minutes. You can prevent tyre theft through the use of wheel locks. There are some popular wheel lock brands available online as well as
Picture of a person holding a fuel pump, pumping fuel into a fuel tank
Fuel cost management is our priority! One way in which we do this is through our fuel reconciliation’s feature. This feature has been designed to save transporters time in maintaining accurate fuel data. Get our fuel management solution to take advantage of all our features relating to fuel cost management. Call us today +27 11
Picture of Michael from Globaltrack and Francisca from Transtech Logistics. She is the winner of the referral competition.
The winner of Globaltrack’s referral competition is Ms Francisca Ndlovu from Transtech Logistics. Congratulations on winning the luxurious weekend away!
Picture of a Christmas Tree and a couple with a small child in the background
You might find that your business is quiet or that it is a busy period during the festive season. During this time of the year it is important to share a few guidelines: Trucks that stand still pose a higher risk of being stolen; therefore it is recommended that you put the necessary security in
a line of red truck cabins
“My transport business keeps me up at night and the rising fuel cost cuts into my profit”. Well you have stopped at the right place. With Globaltrack’s Fuel Management Solution, you will be able to manage your business efficiently while reducing your operational cost. Within one week of using our Fuel Management Solution, Merrod Trucking

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