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A big contributor to road safety is the fitness of drivers and driver fatigue. How quick are they to react properly to changing driving conditions and can they maintain their alertness? Globaltrack’s Fleet Management Solution; Webtrack provides fleet managers with a solution to managing driver fatigue. It consists of setting up automatic scheduled moving reports,
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A Fleet ‘Dressed’ For Success!

Do you have all the right components in place to run a successful fleet and decrease your bottom line costs? Let us take you through four components crucial to running a successful fleet. Vehicles – Think of the types and make of vehicles that you own, the number of trucks you need and how you
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Reduce high fuel prices with our ‘3 x 3 guarantee’; where we can save you on average 20 to 40 liters per trip, per truck. The price of oil is expected to rise due to the high demand and high-risk of potential supply losses from Venezuela and Iran. This is according to a report from
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Transhunt a cross-border company is focused on offering clients’ excellent quality in transportation of goods. Globaltrack’s fleet management system; Webtrack allows Transhunt to monitor events such as speeding, harsh breaking, transit times and access to accurate information on loads in transit. With our Fuel and Fleet Management Solution, they also have total control over the
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On Monday the 4th of June, Hans Kroll (Head of Sales for Globaltrack Africa) left for Rwanda to attend the Africa Innovation Summit (AIS). Last month AIS announced that Globaltrack was selected as one of 50 companies to exhibit an innovative solution at this Summit.  AIS aims to identify path breaking ideas and disruptive solutions to
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Finding rewards for employees that are not in the office can be difficult. Do you have an employee rewards program in place that work for your drivers? You can earn more loyalty from your hard-working drivers and improve the company culture, by showing drivers that you understand their challenging lifestyles. Below are three ideas to
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Congratulations to IQ Business; the winner of the 2018 Conscious Companies Awards. It was a great honor to be a part of it. We will continue to develop products based on the question: how can we make our customers lives better, profitable and easier. This is a podcast of the interview Pieter Smits (Globaltrack’s CEO)
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On Friday the 11th of May Globaltrackers gathered around the field to play bubble soccer. Each team had to select a team leader, create a team name, identity and song or dance. Team members bounced around and rolled across the court in a bubble, trying to score a goal. It was great fun! For more
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We are excited to announce that we are a Conscious Companies Awards finalist for 2018. The winner and runner up will be announced by the Chairman of the panel of judges, Prof. Mervyn King on the 17th of May. Tune into Radio Classic FM – 102.7 or dstv 857 on Wednesday evening the 16th of
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Fuel accounts to about 3% – 10% of a mine’s total operating expenditures and in some cases exceeding the cost of electrical power for the overall cost of the mining operation, this is according to Fabio Miellie and Shaikh Badiujzama from Schneider Electric. The time is more important than ever before for the mining sector
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There are several benefits when using a fuel or fleet card at fuel stations. Let us go through some of the benefits to show you how Globaltrack’s Fuel Management Solution compliments the use of fleet cards. Banks and selected fuel stations offer attractive rewards that are linked to using a fuel card. With a fuel
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Do you have a proactive maintenance plan in place and the buy-in from the various stakeholders within the company to stick to this plan? If your answer is no, we can give you some advice on setting one up. Set up a scheduled maintenance plan Stick to the OEM of each truck but also keep
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When it comes to successful fleet management you need the right information that will get you to the desired output of your fleet operations. Not only does the right information help you make informed decisions, but it also saves you time that can be spent on enhancing your customer delivery process. At Globaltrack we can
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Our focus is on lowering the cost of transport throughout Africa by supplying a solution that allow our customers to save more than 20% in fuel per month. Globaltrack’s Fuel Solution consists of a fuel probe that is installed directly into the tank of your truck designed to give 98% accuracy, leaving 2% for the
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When Cross-Border specialist, ARF Logistics looked for a fleet management solution, they wanted a system to help them make informed decisions about their KPI’s.   With Globaltrack’s Cross-Border and Fuel Management Solution they have a holistic overview of fuel consumption, driver behaviour and real-time operational events. Having Globaltrack’s Fuel Management Solution, means that they have access
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Fuel Management Overview   At Globaltrack we focus on adding value to our clients’ fleet management experience. Our award-winning fuel solution is the best at providing details related to fuel management. With our Fuel Management Solution, we offer clients an integrated solution to managing fuel.  We recently added the fuel reconciliation and fuel dashboard feature to existing

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