The Globaltrack
On the Go GSM Tracking 
24/7 View on Rider & Bike
Remotely monitor driver welness, safety & motorbike fleet utilization
Quick Install, Easy to Maintain and accustomed to the harshest of environments


24/7 Visibility

24 Hour a day GSM-Based visibility on ike & driver in country. Designed for NGO's & operators who rely on motorbikes as delivery or logistics vehicles in harsh environments

motorbike driver safety

Monitor consecutive hours driven, driving violations & overall  motorbike driver wellness. Target driver training and improve safety ratings

fleet maintenance

 Set reminders for upcoming fleet maintenance or for the renewal of vehicle & driver PDP licenses and receive automated alerts before due

motorbike utilization

Remotely manage your motorbike fleet from your control room or office. Data is collected through GSM and available immediately on Webtrack

optimize routes

Monitor routes and trip times, fuel consumption and driver behavior for specific routes or trips to increase profitability

GEOfences and waypoints

Setup Geofences and Waypoints and be alerted when a rider passes, enters or leaves a specific geographical beacon

real time tracking

24/7 Visibility on drivers & bikes. Monitoring of your motorbikes & drivers and drivers in near real time with locations updated every 15 minutes

driver behavior

Monitor motorbike driver behavior through Driver Scorecards that highlights speeding, harsh braking, excessive idling etc.

business intelligence

On demand or automated data-based reports ensures that your NGO or business decisions are based on real time data and business intelligence

fleet management software

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Award Winning
Fleet Management Software
  • Telematic events-related alerts and reporting on your entire fleet or for specific motorbikes
  • Real time accurate insights on the go
  • Schedule specific reports to automatically receive them
  • Real time data for LIVE business insights
  • Available on PC or Phone
  • 24/7 and online Support

support & training

You won't have to go at it alone!Weekly remote classes on Zoom    Dedicated Growth Specialist 24/7  Telephonic &  online  Support
  • Our industry leading GROWTH SPECIALISTS are here to lead and support you every step of the way
  • Weekly remote training classes
  • 24/7 and online Support
  • Scheduled Webtrack training for new users
  • Complete assessments & become Webtrack Certified!
  • 24/7 Telephonic and online Support
  • Over the air software upgrades and equipment checks