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Cross-Border Solutions

Track assets consistently regardless of the region, i.e. non-GPRS coverage areas. The product is an internally designed and developed tracking device, allowing the user to record and transmit detailed information from vehicle and driver to the control room.

The tracking device is installed inside the dashboard of the vehicles where the GPRS antenna is mounted to the dashboard and the satellite antenna is placed on the roof of the vehicle.  When GPRS signal is out of reach, the GPRS antenna switches over to the satellite antenna, making it a very cost-effective solution for cross-border vehicles.

Additional on-demand peripherals are available to ensure enhanced driver and vehicle safety. Our cross-border solution is effective in route planning, helping you to avoid potentially dangerous areas and making sure that your assets arrive at their final destination safely.

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Fuel Management Solutions

Globaltrack's Fuel Management Solution provides an integrated solution to managing fuel and reconciling between the cost of fuel and fuel readings.

With our Fuel Management Solution, you can

  • Monitor the fuel intakes through our fuel probes
  • Reconcile the fuel intakes through our cloud-based fleet management system; Webtrack
  • Understand the fuel consumption of your fleet through the fuel consumption report
  • Get more insight into fuel data with our fuel dashboard
  • Monitor the fuel consumption per driver with the driver fuel efficiency report.
  • Monitor the fuel levels of all your assets from your mobile phone, with our Android App or App

Our fuel solution is designed to give you control over the cost of your fleet.

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Data Analytics Solutions

Through analytics Globaltrack gives clients the ability to leverage structured and unstructured data, to get meaningful insights and foresights which includes recommendations on how transporters can improve their operations to increase efficiency and save costs.

One of Globaltrack’s recent initiatives was to monitor transit times along corridors, waiting times at border posts and ports, as well as monitoring different choke points in regional transport corridors. Through this data the client can make effective decisions on where to invest the time and money to improve the transporters operating environment.

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Yellow Equipment Solutions

In the construction business, it is crucial to get the most value out of your machinery, fuel performance and monitoring your drivers’ operating hours.

Our solutions are designed with the construction industry in mind, offering features such tracking engine hours, fuel usage, tipper on/off alerts, driver ID’s and many more.

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Generator Solutions

Globaltrack’s solution for generators provides businesses with information on refilling levels as well as detecting possible fuel theft. This is made possible with hardware that monitors both fixed and mobile assets in the form of GPRS units and satellite tracking units. These units are compatible with fuel sensors that are installed in the tank of the generator to detect any changes in fuel levels. The fuel probes can be installed on tanks that range from 8 litres to 4400 litres and can detect fuel changes as low as 2 litres.

With Globaltrack’s Generator Solution you will be able to see the actual amount of fuel used per hour, schedule maintenance services and set up event management notifications.



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NGO Solutions

Globaltrack understands the needs within NGO’s community, and has spearheaded the cooperation between various NGO projects throughout the years. Our most recent project in partnership with Fleet Forum is the Motorbike Trial Programme

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