Globaltrack partner announces satellite for android phones

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Satellite for Android Smartphones

Iridium Satellite Systems, long time technology partner of Globaltrack, recently announced an exciting new partnership that will bring satellite communication to next-generation Android phones.

As one of the biggest providers of satellite technology to the African continent, Globaltrack innovates solutions for the transport, logistics, mining and related industries with the robust Iridium Satellite Constellation as backbone.

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Long-time partnership

Globaltrack is proud of the association that brings true global coverage to OEM’s and their service providers. Similar technology will now be used to enable Android smartphones.

Iridium’s advanced LEO satellites covers every part of the globe. This ultramodern communication system supports lower-power, low-latency connectivity for a range of devices. Thousands of commercial vehicles across Africa currently depend on Globaltrack's satellite-powered services.

The Globaltrack DUO, for instance, delivers uninterrupted view of vehicles, cargo and drivers regardless of the region. This satellite-backed fleet management solution ensures logistics and transport operators have 24/7, borderless sight on their assets.

Superior Solutions

In the newly announced partnership with chip-manufacturing giant, Qualcomm, Iridium satellites will provide uninterrupted connectivity to Android smartphones, even in areas with low or no GSM-coverage.

The initial rollout for Android phones will include emergency services only, whereas the DUO Solution already provides a range of live and on-demand reports. These range from location and trip reports to Driver Score Cards.

Iridium Satellites Services launched their first satellite into space in 1997 and recently completed an entire refreshed network of 75 satellites.

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