7 Things you should know about diesel engines

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Diesel is more efficient

  1. Diesel fuel is more efficient than petrol engines. With petrol engines, only 20% of the fuel actually moves the vehicle and the rest is lost to friction, noise, or other engine functions. Diesel engines, however, can reach 40% efficiency and more, making it much easier to move heavy vehicles and not exude a lot more fuel.

Constantly evolving

    1. Diesel technology is constantly evolving. Thanks to tech improvements, diesel emission controls are much more effective and are available in smaller packages. They can now be downsized from six cylinders to four in any kind of diesel vehicle.
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Environmentally Friendly

    1. Thanks to Net Zero diesel fuel delivery services, diesel drivers can operate these powerful vehicles and be more environmentally friendly. Commercial diesel suppliers can calculate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with an entire organization’s diesel fuel usage and purchase carbon offsets to reduce wholly 100% of the emissions.

A future with Biodiesel

      The world produces roughly 100 times more biodiesel than we did only a decade ago. In 2002, the U.S. produced roughly 10 million gallons of biodiesel fuel, which is a large number for sure. Just about 10 years later, however, we produced 969 million gallons of biodiesel.
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Diesel vs Petrol

      Diesel engines have a better fuel efficiency ratio than equivalent-sized petrol engines with a common margin being 25% more kilometers per liter of fuel for an efficient turbodiesel engine.

Modern, clean engines

      Despite a common misconception, diesel fuel is actually not that dirty at all. Governments around the globe now requires all diesel engines to meet the same exact pollution criteria as petrol engines do. It’s true that diesel engines in the past weren’t as clean as petrol engines, but any vehicle from 2007 or later is much cleaner.
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Less Maintenance Required

      Because diesel engines don’t have spark plugs or distributors and therefore less moving parts, they require less maintenance and tend to have a longer lifespan. When compared to petrol engines, maintenance on diesel engines are often the same or cheaper.
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