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Automated Tank Gauging 


Automated Tank Gauging

Accurate, Automated Reports & Alerts

see inside your bulk fuel tanks

Replace inaccurate, Outdated methods of keeping track of your bulk fuel fill ups & dispenses

The ATG let's you see INSIDE your bulk fuel bowser with 98% accuracy on fuel levels. Other, outdated methods of measuring diesel in bulk fuel tanks can be up to 10% inaccurate


Each ATG Installation is custom calibrated to the dimensions and capacity of the specific bulk fuel bowser it is reporting on, ensuring industry leading accuracy

Remote monitoring

Receive automated reports when you choose. 

Alerts for fill ups and dispense events or access and view your bulk fuel levels on our award winning software or from your phone

see inside your bulk fuel tanks


Diesel suppliers often rely on non-calibrated flow meters or measuring sticks. The risk for inaccuracy is real. So is diesel pilferage at the moment of dispense from bowser to truck, especially for bulk diesel consumers.

The ATG puts you back in control of your bulk fuel, regardless of how much or how often you purchase.

- Control if what you are getting, is what you ordered and paid for in real time

- Never run dry by sharing your Alerts for fuel levels with your diesel supplier and automatically get filled up again 

- Reconcile fleet consumption with dispensing events


24/7 Visibility

24/7 Visibility on the current, individual levels of fuel in your bowsers. Instant alerts when the fuel level increases, decreases significantly or when levels reach a certain low point

predict diesel use

Instantly confirm whether a fill up or dispensing event matches the anticipated quantity of liters ordered or the size of the vehicle tank receiving the intake

automate supply

Share your fuel level alerts or automated reports with your nominated supplier and never run dry. Or use historic data to predict anticipated future purchases for better diesel prices!

replace outdated tech

Forget about flow meters and wooden sticks. The ATG replaces outdated, inaccurate methods with data-based, real time reporting that can not be manipulated or subjected to human error

confirm fill up events

Instantly confirm or allocate the quantity of liters dispensed into a specific vehicles tank, even if you do not know the amount of fuel required beforehand


The ATG comes with our award winning fleet management software, WEBTRACK. Integrate your entire fleet with the FUEL SOLUTION for complete fuel management

Ordered vs delivered

The biggest loss in bulk fuel is not at the dispensing nozzle, it is at the moment of fill up. Suppliers base your invoice on inaccurate, non-calibrated devices. Close the money gap with data-based proof

plan your next fill up

Stop guessing and start knowing the exact level of fuel left in your bulk fuel bowser. Receive an automated alert when fuel levels dip below 10% and nevery run dry

business intelligence

On demand or automated data-based reporting for an overall view of changes to the fuel levels in your bowser(s) and detailed reports for each fill up or dispensing event as they occured

fleet management software

              WEBTRACK  Award winning softwareFuture Proof your Business
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Award Winning
Fleet Management Software
  • Telematic events-related alerts and reporting on your entire fleet or for specific vehicles
  • Real time accurate insights on the go
  • Schedule specific reports to automatically receive them
  • Real time data for LIVE business insights
  • Available on PC or Phone
  • 24/7 and online Support

support & training

You won't have to go at it alone!Weekly remote classes on Zoom    Dedicated Growth Specialist 24/7  Telephonic &  online  Support
  • Our industry leading GROWTH SPECIALISTS are here to lead and support you every step of the way
  • Weekly remote training classes
  • 24/7 and online Support
  • Scheduled Webtrack training for new users
  • Complete assessments & become Webtrack Certified!
  • 24/7 Telephonic and online Support
  • Over the air software upgrades and equipment checks