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mining ATG 

Automated Tank Gauging

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SARS Diesel Rebate System

Claim from the SARS Diesel Rebate System with ease Accurate diesel purchase and consumption reports Easily and effortlessly claim from the SARS Diesel Rebate System
The ATG allocates digital tags to drivers allowing you to identify your equipment remotely Digital tags activates the diesel pump allowing you to see who fills up with what & when Consumption is based on time elapsed since last fill-up allowing you to track operating hours Receive automated reports Compare daily/ weekly/ monthly or quarterly consumption View your entire fleet or individual equipment

DIESEL REBATE SYSTEM - Unpacking what you need to know:

The diesel rebate is basically a diesel refund system. It is a tax relief made available for various activities in the farming, mining and forestry sectors among others.

The intention is to lighten the burden carried by local industries that must compete in the international sector where for e.g. many farmers receive subsidies and other forms of protection.

Die diesel rebate system is also intended as a relief offered on vehicles that do not necessarily utilise the public roads networks since they primarily work in designated areas, for example on mines and farms.

The Diesel Refund Scheme is currently administered through the VAT system in terms of the Customs and Excise Act.



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DIESEL REBATE SYSTEM - What must I do to be able to claim my diesel rebate from SARS?

      • In order to qualify for a diesel rebate:
      • It is necessary to firstly be registered as a VAT vendor. You must then apply for registration for the diesel rebate with SARS. The form to be completed is a VAT101D.
      • In order to qualify for the diesel rebate and be able to claim the rebate back, the onus is on the mining enterprise/ farmer to prove the amount of fuel consumption.
      • All relevant documentation relating to diesel purchases must be kept.
      • Logbooks must be maintained. This will require that the farmer completes a schedule listing the activities that qualify for the rebate as well as the diesel usage per activity.