Globaltrack's History and Future

In 2018, we celebrate our 17th year of excellence. What started off as an idea has morphed into a brand with unlimited possibilities.

Rapid development and reinvention has now become a continuous circle for us, and this is not about to stop. Reinvention is often labelled as risky, but this has proved to be the very essence of ensuring that we always stay ahead of providing simple solutions to complex problems.

Rapid expansion is changing the Road Freight Transport Industry in Africa. The global economy is looking inwardly into Africa as the next catalyst for global economic growth. Our industry's expansion has been matched by challenges that are seemingly sophisticated.

But this is not the story that Globaltrack is going to write.

Being a company that was started and managed by young people, the complexity of the Road Freight Industry's problems translated into the passion that drives Globaltrack.
Every layer of the complexity of the problem, inspired another layer of passion that drives us to finding the solution. We can safely say cheers from our clients, who we see as our partners, is testament that we have delivered in creating tailor-made solutions.

Having experienced unexpected growth, we found ourselves having to ask WHY?
Our question of why states at the core of who we are, which is derived from the words and sentiments of our partners; and this is and will be the basis on which we innovate, develop and deliver solutions that truly create the difference that counts. Because  WE UNDERSTAND TRANSPORT!

Pieter Smits
Globaltrack CEO

Innovation is at the core of Globaltrack's existence.

Innovation is at the core of Globaltrack’s existence and have allowed us to win numerous awards in innovation. We provide innovative solutions to all our fleet management services and ensure that all our products are adaptable and add value.

As a fleet management service provider, we aim to reduce complex challenges by coming up with simplified solutions. This is reflected in our turnkey solutions that are tailor-made for a variety of clients. We are in the business of knowing and empowering our clients with knowledge to ensure that they make the most informed and cost effective decisions in their day-to-day operations.

Our Fleet Management Software: Webtrack

Globaltrack's cloud-based fleet management system; Webtrack is designed to give you accurate information to make informed business decisions.

Our system provides driver monitoring solutions to ensure that timely reports and notifications are generated such as:

  1. Speeding
  2. Driving during prohibited hours
  3. Stopping at unauthorised stops
  4. Off routing
  5. Fatigue management

Webtrack provides a holistic overview of KPI’s such as fuel consumption, driver behaviour, maintenance, safety and real-time operational events. This information can be used to reduce your operation cost, enhance operational efficiency and ultimately increase your profit margins.

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Interested in our products and services?