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What is Webtrack?

Would you like to monitor your vehicle and its consumption instantly, from anywhere in the world? Our expertly developed Webtrack software lets you do just that. Webtrack gives you secure access from any internet enabled PC or laptop, and from our app on tablets and smartphones. The software allows you to see valuable data on your vehicles consumption, with many other features, even the ability to immobilize your vehicle remotely if you are suspicious of misuse.

How does it work?

Once our products have been fitted onto your vehicles, the devices are immediately connected to Webtrack, allowing you to monitor the status of your fleet from any device connected to the internet in the world. Monitor the status of your fleet, driver behavior and fuel consumption, and receive live alerts via SMS or the Webtrack dashboard when irregularities occur. To see an example of what the Webtrack dashboard looks like, see the laptop image below:

How do I get Webtrack?

Webtrack is available in all of Globaltrack's packages as a value-added add-on. The core functioning of our devices and your fleet operation relies on Webtrack to be your first port of call. Webtrack can be easily accessed from any computer running a web browser, and is also available on-the-go as an Android and Apple app, which can be easily downloaded from the app store.

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