Below are some examples of the NGO's that Globaltrack has been privileged to work with:

How has Globaltrack helped?

Globaltrack understands the needs of the NGO community, and has spearheaded the cooperation between various NGO projects throughout the world since 2008. World Vision Africa, the Norwegian Refugee Council and aid projects in Haiti are just a few projects that Globaltrack has had the privilege of working with.

What are their problems?

The needs of the NGO community are unique to say the least. They often have to operate in war-torn and crime ridden areas with very little road infrastructure. Telecommunication is often non-existent, and they therefore need solutions that can cater to these needs, and at the same time, save them money.

What solutions can Globaltrack offer?

In over 10 years, Globaltrack has been proud to offer solutions to numerous NGO's to suit their unique needs. We have provided solutions in local and crossborder tracking, ensuring that valuable assets and loads stay safe. Our cutting-edge Fuel Solution with Probe allows NGOs to quantify their vehicles' fuel consumption; to be able to determine problems and solutions to decrease their fuel expenditure.

Case Study

World Vision Ghana

World Vision Ghana’s Stays on Track with Globaltrack

With the development of new technologies suited for the NGO community, Globaltrack hopes to pass tried and tested technologies on to all transporters in Africa, helping them to save costs which will benefit those who need it the most.

World Vision Ghana is a humanitarian and development organisation devoted to providing quality emergency relief, education, health care, economic development, and promotion of justice in Ghana and various countries around the world.

With very little monetary support from local government, the NGO had to find ways to cut costs where possible. Globaltrack's solutions helped them to save thousands of dollars each month, allowing them to keep their operations running smoothly.

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