Globaltrack's aim is to make the costs of transportation cheaper in Africa. But how do we do it?

Why do we do it?

Globaltrack realises that reduced costs in transportation will be a benefit to manufactures, transporters and ultimately consumers. Globaltrack aims is to make transportation cheaper, simpler and more effective.

How do we do it?

Globaltrack's fuel management and cross border tracking solution is the best at providing cost-saving measures for transporters to ensure efficient, effective and secure fleet management on the road.

How much can you save?

A savings of over R10 000 or $813.66 per month in fuel consumption by setting up a fuel consumption benchmark and analysing the causes of deviations from the benchmark.

The Hard Stats

Amount of vehicles helped


Total Savings

$ 15 421 554

Total Distance Tracked

22 586 423 km

Globaltrack’s FUEL SOLUTION, has helped a myriad of transporters across Africa to efficiently manage their fuel spend and radically reduce their fuel costs amidst increasing fuel prices which we are currently facing.

The Globaltrack Fuel Solution help SAVE COSTS by:

Fuel Theft Detection - With fuel stolen from the tanks of the trucks; this solution can monitor exactly when and where fuel was stolen, as well as how much fuel was stolen.

Fuel Contamination - The solution detects unauthorised filling of fuel. Fuel contamination has the potential to damage the operation of the truck, and lead to the increasing of the cost of fixing or replacing vehicle parts.

Fuel Consumption Monitoring - Globaltrack's fuel solution has a 98% accuracy

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