Globaltrack’s Fuel Solution with Fuel Probe, has stood the test of time as the leading fuel solution in Africa, both in the accuracy of fuel monitoring and our clients reported fuel savings, with millions of rands/dollars saved each year.

The Probe will help you to detect unauthorised fill ups and decreases, accurately monitor fuel usage, and you will be able to affectively monitor your driver’s behaviour.

The pure knowledge of the probe’s presence has proven to show significant driving improvement amongst drivers. Some drivers are known to be dishonest, stealing fuel to sell illegally. The fuel solution will give you exact readings of your fuel levels, helping you to avoid this problem that you may not even be aware of.

Why do you need it?

Globaltrack’s fuel solution has helped to cut the costs of transportation for hundreds of companies in the transportation industry. In a new technology sense, the Fuel Solution with probe is the latest in cutting edge technology developed by Globaltrack. But many are still unfamiliar with how the product actually operates. Globaltrack has put together a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you to become more familiar to how the fuel probe operates.

What is Globaltrack’s Fuel Solution with Probe?

Globaltrack’s Fuel Solution with Probe will give you accurate readings regarding fuel increases and fuel decreases in litres. The probe is installed directly into the tank of your truck, and is calibrated to allow you to actively monitor your fuel consumption from anywhere in the world.

How does it gather information & report?

A registered user of our web-based fleet management software called Webtrack, can access fuel summary reports, events reports, notifications & fuel alerts (Non users can also receive notification on SMS or Email). Examples of different reports are Fuel Increases and Decreases.

Amount of fuel (in litres) tracked


Case Study

Specialized Transport


With fuel accounting for about an average of 40-50% (depending on the routes and operations) of the fleet’s total operating costs, fuel bills have become a nightmare for many fleet operators.
Kobus Lombard of Specialized Transport Mozambique was under the impression that FUEL THEFT from his fleet’s tanks was an unimportant threat facing the industry. After installing Globaltrack's Fuel Solution with Probe, saw a staggering averaged 10% decrease in the cost of fuel per truck, resulting in a $650 000 per year saving in fuel expenditure.
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