Experts in crossborder tracking and fuel solutions

Globaltrack’s fleet management solutions help you to control the costs of your operation, and ensure that your assets stay safe on the road.

Our primary goal is to provide solutions that are the best at providing cost-saving measures for transporters to ensure efficient, effective and secure fleet management on the road.

Innovation is deeply imbedded in the Globaltrack company culture. This is to ensure that we always stay ahead of problems, and constantly address your specific needs.

How do we do it?

Tracking Solutions

Globaltrack has separated product packages which are aimed at addressing your unique needs. If you only need a tracking solution, or if you require a solution that gives you a combination of fuel and tracking.

Monitor Your Assets

Our tracking solutions allows you to manage all detailed location based data, providing you with the necessary information required to effectively manage your assets.

Safety & Recovery

Our Crossborder Tracking Solution is supported by state of the art satellite technology, which helps you to oversee your tasks, ensuring that they are completed in a safe and timely manner.

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