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At Globaltrack, we understand the implications of high and ever increasing operational costs within the fleet management sector and the transport industry in general. We provide our clients with innovative solutions that assist them in MAXIMIZING THEIR PROFITS by lowering operational costs, while increasing safety and security to reach other markets. With years of investing in our relationships with our clients and fostering partnerships with them; Globaltrack has immersed itself in Research and Development that delivers INNOVATION centred on the needs of our partners and the problems they face.

Telematics Solutions

Our tracking solutions allow you to get an eagle-eyed-view of your assets, and with the spirit and focus of an eagle, our tracking and security solutions outsmart criminals. We ensure constant communication and sight of your asset on any road, anytime and anywhere. Our flagship product, the Fuel Solution with Probe will give you accurate readings regarding fuel increases and decreases in litres and integrates fully with our web-based software Webtrack.


Your business is our business. At Globaltrack, our team of expert growth consultants are there to make sure that our solutions are streamlined to your operations. They will show you how to best use our products and services, with the aim of saving you thousands each month. Our professionals are always there to train our clients’ employees on how our system operates to ensure that they utilise the system for maximum benefit. Specialists will assist the client in how to integrate our systems so that various operational units such as Finance, Human Resources, Operations and many more can benefit from our system.

“Our operations in Africa are large to say the least. Globaltrack has helped us to stay on top of our independent contractors, having full visibility of our operations at all times, even offering us a personalised dashboard for our operations”


"After only being with Globaltrack for the past year, we have yet to find another tracking company that offers the same level of service. They were able to integrate our existing tracking systems with their web-based management software with ease"

Manline Group

"We have to navigate war torn areas and unmapped roads. This is why we opted for the Globaltrack's mobile network unit, GSM950… It keeps the costs down, and we didn’t need tracking across the border, so we were able to save thousands for our operation."

World Vision Ghana

"We absoluotly love the level of personalised service that Globaltrack offers us over the past 4 years. Our relationship with their growth department has helped us to integrate their systems, and their advice has helped us to save thousands."


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